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Assistance and complex services for asylum seekers in Romania


      Assistance and complex services for asylum seekers in Romania The general objective of the project is to improve the situation of asylum seekers in Romania, by promoting a system of complementary and specialized social and material assistance aiming to improve the asylum seekers’ standard of living.

       The project inaugurated a Center for Accomodation and Counseling for asylum seekers belonging to voulnerable groups where approximately 18 persons could be hosted.

       Prin intermediul proiectului vor fi suplimentate locurile de cazare pentru solicitantii de azil din Bucuresti prin deschiderea Centrului de Cazare si Consiliere pentru solicitanti de azil apartinand categoriilor vulnerabile ( where approximately 18 persons could be hosted).

       The projects provides the following forms of assistance to asylum seekers from the centers for accomodation and asylum seekers:

- Material assistance for translating civil registry documents and diplomas, for legalizing and autentyfing these documents.

- Food packeges for asylum seekers transfered from one regional center to another.

- Installment packeges (for asylum seekers hosted in the reception centers or in the AIDrom centers from Bucuresti/Timisoara)

- Monthly financial assistance for vulnerable asylum seekers

- Monthly coupons for food and hygiene products

- Schools supplies