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Fostering political participation and policy involvement of migrants in 9 Central and Eastern EU countries


      Partners: NGOs from Romania and other 8 member states from Central and Eastern Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Czech Republic)

      Funders: European Comission through the European Fund for the Integration of non-EU nationals/third country nationals

      Project’s priority: remove migrants’ challenges to actively participate in politics and influence policies that affect their daily lives;

      Increase migrants’ involvement in formulating and implementing integration and mainstream policies;



1. Increasing the immigrants’ electoral participation –make sure that immigrants with long-term resident permits have the possibility to be active in the political life at a local and regional level;

Diminish the level of xenophobia in mainstream politics and outline the interests of migrants in host societies.

2. Increasing the level of inclusion of immigrants through participation in municipal and governmental advisory bodies as to what concerns issues which affect them; Organize advisory bodies which stimulate local and national authorities to consider immigrants’ input on regulations which concern them.

3. Increasing civic engagement of immigrants in different associations –making sure that immigrants are able to organize themselves and formulate their priorities.

4. Increasing awareness of stakeholders to make sure that the issue of immigrants´ political participation and inclusion of immigrants in democratic decision-making processes becomes a priority in the 9 EU Member States where the project partners are from.


• Elaborating analysis regarding the electoral participation of immigrants in the respective 9 member states.

• Identifying good practices regarding the electoral participation of immigrants in the respective 9 member states.

• Recommendations and analysis regarding the improvement of political participation/inclusion in the electoral body of third national country with long-term residence permit.